Head of programme

Amanda Lagerkvist

Photo: Björn Dalin

Amanda Lagerkvist is Associate Professor of media and communication studies, Wallenberg Academy Fellow and head of the research programme. Exploring digital vulnerabilities and the quest for ‘existential security’ in the digital age, she works in the fields of media philosophy and media memory studies analyzing how we remember the dead online and the management of the digital afterlife.

Research Profile


Michael Westerlund

Photo: Fredrik Martenson

Michael Westerlund, research fellow and PhD in media and communication studies, is working on the digital publicness of bereavement with a special focus on internet and suicide.

Research Profile

Kristina Stenström

Kristina Stenström holds a PhD in media and communication studies. Research interests revolve around transmedia environments, corporeality and the bridges in between.

Katya Linden

Photo: Svante Emanuelli

Katya Linden, PhD student in media and communication studies, is working on a doctoral dissertation on death online in contemporary Russia.

Previous Participants

Yvonne Andersson

Photo: Fredrik Martenson

Yvonne Andersson holds a PhD in journalism studies, she made a research in health communication with self-tracking devices and coping with crisis in blogging about terminal illness.

Research Profile

Anna Haverinen

Anna Haverinen, digital anthropologist, is affiliated with the programme. She holds a PhD in digital culture and made a research on trolling and cyber bullying in online games and virtual mourning environments.

Personal Homepage

Tim Hutchings

Photo: Svante Emanuelli

Timothy Hutchings, postdoctoral fellow, holds a PhD in the sociology of religion. He is studying online mourning practices and communication with the dead in a cross-cultural perspective.


  • Stockholm university
  • Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse
  • Wallenberg Academy Fellows
  • Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond

EXISTENTIAL TERRAINS is a research programme funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (2014-2018) and by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation (2015-2017) headed by Amanda Lagerkvist, PhD., Associate Professor and Wallenberg Academy Fellow at the Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University.